Garage door service in Christchurch

A regular garage door service is essential for ensuring your car doesn’t get stuck in the garage. It is also key to making sure burglars don’t use the garage as their way of entering your home.

We service all makes, models and brands of garage door promptly.

Garage door service required here
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Garage Doors Are Us provides fast and expert repairs of garage doors made of wood, colour steel and aluminium. We also service door mechanisms, openers and remote controls.

Garage door service includes

When it comes to door mechanisms, our repairs are efficient and long-lasting. We make sure that the tilt arms and wheel bearings are in optimum condition. The opener chains, belts and screws can cause issues and we ensure these stay in tip top condition.

If you have trouble with your garage door tracks, or opening mechanism, call us now because these small problems can worsen over time.

Garage door springs are dangerous because they are under constant pressure. Having Garage Doors Are Us do a garage door service for you means there is less chance of you or your family being injured if the springs fail.

Call Garage Doors Are Us now to book a time that suits for your garage door service.


Garage door repair is what we do. We fix and maintain all makes and all models. Fast, efficient and affordable service.