Super gold card discount service

Garage Doors Are Us likes to give back to SuperGold Senior Citizens in our community. Giving a discount to you is  easy. It is easy because we know how much you have contributed to the community already.

Multiple garage door installation

Photo credit : Flikr

If you have a garage door question, or need help with your garage door remote control, contact us. We will help you find the answer. Tell us that you’ve got a SuperGold card, and we will make your bill cheaper.

Discount for SuperGold Senior Citizens

If you’re over 65 years old we will give you 15% off the price of the final bill.

If you’re able to describe the problem, or send us a photo of the problem, we can often help over the phone. So note down our contact details now and put them on the fridge. Then when you need us, you won’t have to search all over for our number.