Dominator garage door repair

Do you need someone to fix your Dominator* garage door? Give Garage Doors Are Us a call now, we service all makes and models of garage door.

Damaged and wrecked garage door in need of an emergency fix
A sectional garage door in need of an emergency fix. Photo credit ProfessorCooper

Efficient and prompt repairs is what we do.

No matter what the problem:

  • Remote control not working?
  • Overhead garage door mechanism not working?
  • Door jammed?
  • Garage shut tight so you can’t get out?

Contact us for affordable and durable garage door repairs.

We can help with your emergency Dominator garage door fix

Garage Doors Are Us is generally available during business hours.  Breakdowns can happen at the most inconvenient times, so  give us a call and we’ll make sure you get some help quickly.

Sometimes we can even solve your problem over the phone.

*Please note that we are not authorised to undertake warranty work for faults with Dominator Products


Garage door repair is what we do. We fix and maintain all makes and all models. Fast, efficient and affordable service.